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Nico & Vinz - Shield Of Selflessness song lyrics

Eternally echoing
The sequel of long felt pain
A shining light
The road floats
The meaning of the split is
A ritual of passage

Sing on, to the will of the twins
Go beyond and meet
The time of oblivion

Look for it and spread despair
Days of miracle tied rapidly
Imagine the unchanging pledge
Go into a whirlpool
Educated the present time
Being pushed to the front
Catch my breath
Abandon everything
Shield of selflessness
Orders I take
Put out my mind

Truths, your useless tears
Shine, your voice of possibility

No reason to wait for anything
Thoughts are flowing endlessly
Prayer awaits sitting
Gets to you and effects deeply
Into your mind
A parting is engraved
The scene is written
Hang it in the sky
With a line of distinction

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